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Reuters Confirms Johnson's Baby Powder's Racist Advertising Targeting Black Women

Reuters is pulling no punches and publishing information pertaining to the racist nature of Johnson & Johnson advertising

Thursday, April 11, 2019 - At issue is the fact that not only were Johnson & Johnson executives aware of the asbestos cancer risks talcum powder exposed women but also that the company made the conscious decision to redirect their advertising toward African American women, a demographic they felt were less educated and unlikely to understand the risks. Not coincidentally, plaintiffs suing Johnson & Johnson for causing their ovarian cancer are mostly black women who have used Johnson's Baby Powder for their entire life and specifically their entire adult life for feminine hygiene in order to elevate their social status.

It is documented that JNJ began targeting African American women to purchase its cancer-causing baby powder as early as the 1970's when the talc cancer link was first uncovered. Scientific studies at the time, of women who had died of ovarian cancer, found particles of talc lodged in the ovary tissue which caused the irritation that led to developing cancer, regardless of the presence of asbestos. According to a Reuters Health article quoting a report from the Journal of Cancer Epidemiology in 2016, "Women of African American descent are at a higher risk of contracting ovarian cancer as a result of their talcum powder use compared to African Americans who did not use the powder. ... and found that African American women who used talcum powder regularly on their genitals were 40 percent more likely to contract ovarian cancer. Those who used it but in non-genital areas were 30 percent more likely to contract ovarian cancer." Talcum powder cancer lawyers helping families and people across the united states are offering a no obligation free consultation before filing a claim.

It is suspected that JNJ advertising "race shamed" black women into purchasing and using Johnson's Baby powder in order to smell better and elevate their standing to that of white women.

In the most recent scathing Reuter's report, "internal (JNJ) company documents show (the company) distributed Baby Powder samples through churches and beauty salons in African-American and Hispanic neighborhoods, ran digital and print promotions with weight-loss and wellness company Weight Watchers and launched a $300,000 radio advertising campaign in a half-dozen markets aiming to reach "curvy Southern women 18-49 skewing African American."

A 2016 article in Time magazine titled "Profiting From the Myths About Black Women's Bodies" Jaqueline Fox, the first plaintiff to sue Johnson & Johnson over Johnson's Baby Powder causing ovarian cancer, testified and was adamant about how she and other African American women were misled into thinking they should use Johnson's Baby Powder on the basis of her race. Before passing away in mid-trial, Ms. Fox testified that "Like pressing our hair and lotioning our legs, douching and deodorizing vaginas is something black women teach our daughters and sister-friends teach our friends. It's part of black women's culture of self-care, one of many ways we love and nurture bodies nobody else seems ready to pamper. When we decide to do something with our bodies, well, we do it. "

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